Who We Are

We identify and support local climate leaders.

A new, data-informed approach for unlocking a groundswell of climate leadership.

State & local leaders are critical for solving the climate crisis. Yet with 500,000 local policymakers throughout America, it’s hard to know where to start to make the biggest climate impact now. 

At Climate Cabinet, we make this numbers game easy. We’ve built the largest database of state & local climate action in the country, which we use to track thousands of state, city, county, and utility districts to find leaders with outsized opportunities to act on climate and environmental justice. 

Then, we activate our team of clean energy professionals, policy experts, former caucus staff, data scientists and organizers to make sure these key leaders have the policy support they need. 

Why do we use data science?


There are 500,000 elected officials in America and all of them have a role to play in deploying equitable clean energy solutions. We need data science to make this numbers game easy.


We don’t have time to wait for federal action on climate, or for every city and state to navigate this challenge on their own. Proactive, tech-enabled outreach is key – across every level of government.


Fossil fuel interests are rich and vastly overpower clean industries. We can use automation to do more with less. We’re connecting the dots and building shared resources for the movement.

Our Impact

Since 2018, our team has built the largest database of local climate action in the US (read about it in Forbes) – tracking voting records for 5,000 decisionmakers, and over a million other data points from clean energy jobs to public health impacts and policy decisions.

Our work has led to a direct increase in resources supporting mayors struggling to escape predatory coal contracts, and ensured legislators are prepared for the latest climate policy fights – like building electrification.

Nationally, at least 200 policymakers and 6 aligned networks are using our policy resources to learn about the clean energy best practices and opportunities across the US.

In Virginia, we helped pass and defend key policy wins on building electrification and clean transportation. In North Carolina, we helped legislators use behavioral science to communicate climate solutions. In Texas, we ensured legislators understood the grid failure to counter misinformation and stop key rollbacks.

The clean energy transition must build a more just and equitable society. We work on climate solutions that address racial injustice, create good-paying union jobs, and invest in marginalized communities.

3 million+ children helped

25+ years of service

198 community centers

72 countries

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